Built-in forms

To save time, the MailingListBundle includes two built in form types, EmailOnlyType and EmailAndNameType.

Use them to create new subscribers without having to create your own forms each time.

Multiple forms on the same page

Symfony’s form component doesn’t allow the same form type to be created twice; they will be considered to be the same form. This is a problem if we want to use multiple forms on the same page.

For example, we might have a newsletter form at the bottom of every page, but also have a beta list signup page that includes a form too. It’d be great if both of these could use the EmailOnlyType.

Use the create method of the perform_mailing_list.form_factory service to create multiple forms of the same type that submit to different urls. They will be given different names, so Symfony will be aware of the difference.


/** @var Perform\MailingListBundle\Form\UniqueFormFactory $factory */
$factory = $container->get('perform_mailing_list.form_factory');

$newsletterForm = $factory->create('email_only', '/mailing-lists/newsletter');
$betaForm = $factory->create('email_only', '/mailing-lists/beta');

You can also use the perform_mailing_list_form twig helper to get an instance of these forms in your templates:

<h4>Subscribe to our newsletter!</h4>
{% set form = perform_mailing_list_form('email_only', '/mailing-lists/newsletter') %}
<input name="signup" type="submit" class="btn btn-primary" value="Subscribe" />