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Perform is a software toolkit for building advanced web applications quickly, safely, and robustly.

Save time and money by only building the features that make your application unique. Let Perform take care of the rest.

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Quicker development

Build your applications faster by incorporating Perform's components and bundles.

Cheaper process

For less than a single day of paid development, Perform can save many weeks of costly development time.

Better applications

With the time and money saved, you can focus on building the features that make your application special.

Stop working on the building blocks
Perform has you covered

Web application fundamentals

Perform is a well-integrated collection of bundles for the Symfony PHP framework, a solid foundation for any web application.

Built from the ground up to be reliable, testable, and consistent, Perform adds many features on top of this base to provide the perfect toolkit for ambitious projects and applications.

Solid foundations

User management and authentication

Add the user bundle for 2-factor authentication, rate-limited logins, password resets, and other advanced features.

Deep RBAC integration with every component allows for complex authorization strategies and nested user roles.

Integrate your own user entities or use the built-in user.

User management

Comprehensive admin tools

Create a full-featured administration area quickly and effortlessly.

Use content types, actions, filters, and import/export tools to create content management experiences tailored exactly to your users.

Admin tools

Powerful media library

Upload pictures, documents, audio, and video with ease.

Use the imported files on your content pages, events listings, galleries, playlists, and much more.

Media library

Rich content authoring

The rich content bundle makes it trivial to add advanced workflows for creating blog posts, web pages, and other documents.

Use the extensive selection of content types or add your own.

Rich content

Configurable at every scale

Perform is a buffet, not a set menu. Use only what you need and extend it however you require.

Every part is configurable and swappable: from entire bundles and features, right down to content type options and sass variables.


Use cases

Custom applications

Pick from a vast collection of tools to build ambitious web applications in a rapid yet robust way.

Quick prototypes

Use the rapid scaffolding tools to build a proof of concept application, API backend, or SAAS product.

Content management

Leverage the rich content management and media capabilities to build a custom content management system for a website.

Start using Perform today

Perform is free to try during development.

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