Built for developers

Forget having to choose between rapid development and high quality code.

Perform gives you the power to create bespoke applications in a fraction of the time, with high quality, extensible, and testable code.

No more insecure and unstable plugins

Replace a fragile stack of incompatible plugins with a cohesive collection of Symfony bundles, configured exactly to your use case.

Eliminate unsigned auto-updating, authentication errors, backdoors, and other common security risks associated with plugins.

Multiple environments

Avoid messy and unportable configuration stored in the database, coupled tightly to a single deployment.

Eliminate this pain and easily deploy Perform-built applications to multiple environments in a scalable and automated way.

First class testing support

Extensively unit tested and sensibly versioned, all Perform bundles interoperate seemlessly and help ensure best practices in your codebase.

Rely on Perform's api to remain consistent and correct as you develop your application.

Leverage the power of the Symfony testing ecosystem to ensure correct behaviour.

Strengthened by open source

Perform builds on the rock solid foundation of best-in-class open source projects.

Start using Perform today

Perform is free to try during development.

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