The Perform application toolkit

Welcome to Perform’s documentation! This manual contains everything you need to know to build incredible apps with Perform.

About these docs

The docs are split into 5 sections:

  • Overview - What Perform is, how to install it, system requirements, licensing, etc.
  • Tutorials - Step by step tutorials to build applications from scratch.
  • Bundle guides - Detailed guides demonstrating Perform’s features, grouped by bundle.
  • Further reading - More tips on building applications, best practices, and troubleshooting.
  • Reference - Technical reference for various Perform features such as CRUD types, form types, and sass variables.

As well as viewing online, you can download this manual in different formats:

  • pdf
  • epub
  • html (single page)

New users

Just getting started?

Skim through the overview pages, particularly What is Perform?, then check the requirements guide.

Once you’ve got an overview of what Perform is, take the Acme Widgets tutorial, which will teach you how to build an application from scratch.

Topic index

Bundle guides